Side By Side Conference

Wayside Chapel invites you to attend our free Side by Side Conference to explore, think and act on how we can address social inequality together. This event will bring together key influencers in the financial, political, social and education sectors, as well as members of our community who have been or are homeless, to discuss and debate how we can work towards creating a more fair and equitable society.


Side by Side is a movement that champions a community of no ‘us and them’, bringing together a diverse meeting of minds to address some of the key issues facing society today.

Hear from speakers including:

  • Emma Alberici – ABC Chief Economics Correspondent
  • Professor Danielle Allen – Professor and Director at Harvard University, USA
  • Tim Costello AO – Executive Director of Micah Australia
  • Audette Exel AO – CEO of Adara Group
  • Alex Greenwich – Independent Member for Sydney
  • Claudia Karvan – Actor, Director and Wayside ambassador
  • Cheryl Kernot – Former Australian politician, academic, and political activist
  • David Knowles – Head of Philanthropy & Social Investment with Koda Capital
  • Justin Koonin – President of ACON
  • Graham Long – Pastor Emeritus of Wayside Chapel
  • Eliane Miles – Social Researcher at The Curious Co
  • Jon Owen – Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel
  • Graham Rich – Managing Partner and Dean of Portfolio Construction Forum
  • Professor Marc Stears – Director of the Sydney Policy Lab, The University of Sydney
  • Amanda Tattersall – Postdoctoral fellow on social change strategy and Research Lead at Sydney Policy Lab
  • Malcolm Turnbull - Former Prime Minister of Australia 
  • Daisy Turnbull Brown - Director of Wellbeing, St Catherine's School
  • Phil Usher – CEO of First Nations Foundation
  • Raja Yassine – Crescent Foundation Ambassador and Humanities Teacher

Topics discussed will include:

Political Divide & Power to Unite

In recent years we’ve seen a rise of nationalism and a movement towards the ‘right’ in our world political stage. In a world of cyberwars, fake news, and political factions, how can we trust people in power to do good?  Globalism has made the world more connected, yet why do we feel disconnected? How can our political leaders use their power to unite, rather than divide?

Economic Divide & Power to Uplift

With low wage growth, a slowing job market, corporate mistrust, wealth concentration and the rising cost of living, the economy can be seen to benefit the few, rather than the collective.  In a new age of corporate responsibility, how do we create an economy where shared prosperity is central to the ‘well – fair’ of our communities?

Social Divide & Power to Connect

Our socio-economic status, age, race, gender, religion, sexual preference, and postcodes are just some of the aspects that unite or divide us.  Inequality is entrenched across our neighbourhoods where the rich and the poor live side by side, but rarely meet. In a world of individualism, how can we look past our differences to find true connection with others and create better and fairer communities?

As a valued member of the Wayside Chapel community, we invite you to contribute to the conversation. Register now to attend this free event. Tickets strictly limited. 

Event Details
Side by Side Conference,
Friday 7 February 2020, 8:30am - 5pm
Charles Perkins Auditorium, Sydney University

Complimentary lunch and refreshments will be served
This event will be filmed and photographed. 

Side by Side Conference is proudly supported by: Side by Side Conference



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